Obama Leave BlackBerry Immediately, Switch to Android

President Obama seems to no longer be the nerd with his BlackBerry smartphone . President of the United States was reportedly will soon switch to Android smartphones .

As reported by The Verge ( 20/3 ) , Obama previously chosen BlackBerry for security reasons . It is considered a smartphone with the best safety standards among other smartphone platforms .

However , technological developments seem to force Obama to change soon . The White House reportedly is testing smartphones from Samsung and LG to suit the needs of the president.

The trial itself is reportedly still in the early stages so there is still a long time for Obama to be able to use the new smartphone . However , because of the increasing current BlackBerry dying condition , many government agencies including the White House was reportedly need to leave and move to other platforms .

If the later is so, Obama 's special Android smartphone will have significant modifications . One of them is getting protection from potential eavesdropping including those conducted by the NSA itself .

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