Fake Antivirus Being Top Android Applications

fake android antivirus
Fake anti-virus program Virus Shield was entrenched at the top of the stairs paid apps Google Play Store                                          Android Police
Malware that is rampant in the Android platform became scourge for the users. This fear seems to be used by an application developer to achieve a profit by tricking.

The trick is to make a fake anti-virus applications named Virus Shield. Unfortunately, this paid application "managed" to be one of the most popular titles in the store with Google Play Store rating of 4.7 stars.

In fact, according to Android Police conducted the search, the application does not actually do anything in the user's device, let alone protect from virus attacks.

After dissecting the application code is concerned, the Android Police discovered that the Virus Shield only displays the sign "X" and then turn it into a check mark when the "examination" has been completed.

Developers who claim to be contacted at the address " Jesse_Carter@live.com " could not be contacted . Unfortunately, many people are already deceived by downloading paid applications are appreciated 3.99 U.S. dollars .

Display Shield Virus application run time. This program does not do anything other than show an X and centan                 Android Police                                                    

Until Sunday ( 06/04/2014 ) yesterday , Virus Shield has collected figures recorded more than 10,000 downloads and entrenched first order the most popular paid applications in the Google Store in just one week .
To attract users , makers Virus Shield write such claims " can protect the real-time " , " battery saving " and " not loaded with ads " . Also pointed out that he annotate a fake review at the beginning of the positive tone .
The downloaders Virus Shield unconscious has cheated then give a positive review so that this application earned top ladder position more new paid applications . No less than 2,600 users recommend these fake programs at Play Store .
Virus Shield has now been removed from the Play Store . However , whoever the author may have managed to carry off the money of tens of thousands of dollars by abusing the openness of Android .

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