List of Smartphone That Gets Android L Update

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After android L version is officially announced by Google, many smartphone users are wondering, when will their Android devices get the updates?

As usual, the owner of the Google Nexus devices have always had the privilege to receive updates operating system earlier than other Android smartphones vendors.

Nexus 5 device and Nexus 7 owners will get Android L updates first from tomorrow through the SDK released by Google. And what about the other vendors?

Typically, Google released the final version of the new operating system by the end of the year. If you view of the history, the premium smartphone's Android-smartphone Samsung, LG, and HTC recently predicted to get an update at the end of the year.

HTC itself has confirmed the two devices, the HTC One M8 and M7, will get Android L update . The Taiwanese company has also provided estimates of the time when they will get the update.

And what about the other vendors? In addition to HTC, the Korean smartphone vendor Samsung also will update its Galaxy devices with Android S4-L, but Samsung does not yet have a definite time estimates.

Another Korean vendor, LG, also setting up the device, the LG G-Pad 8.3 for it to be updated with Android L. While Motorola has Moto G, while Sony prepare their Xperia Z Ultra.

Here's a complete list of Android devices from various vendors that will get Android L update, as reported by Phone Arena (25/06/2014):


     Nexus 5 - Android L beta, updated June 26
     Nexus 4 - pending
     Nexus 7 - Android L beta, updated June 26
     Nexus 10 - pending


     HTC One - 90 days after receiving the final version of Google's Android L
     HTC M8 - 90 days after receiving the final version of Google's Android L
     HTC Mini / 2 - promises to be an update, not sure the time
     HTC GPE - pending
     HTC M8 GPE - pending


     Galaxy S4 GPE - pending


     GPE 8.3 LG G Pad - pending


     Moto G - pending


     Xperia Z Ultra GPE - pending

* GPE: Google Play Edition

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