3 Steps to Save Wet Smartphone

The incidence of wet  smartphones is fairly common. Various scenarios ranging from falling into the bathtub, toilet, to rain.
When in wet condition, non waterproof smartphones  with IP68 certification are often "dying"  or reaaly dead . When the smartphone screen is off, many users are give up and then buy a new device.

Actually, there are some efforts that can be done first.
First , turn off your smartphone. In ancient times, when there are still many smartphones that separate battery batteries aka removable battery, you simply remove the battery after the smartphone wetness. Now, to turn off your smartphone, you need to press the power button.

Do not assume that your smartphone is on after wetness means smartphone will not be problematic. In a dead condition or life after water, the smartphone must remain turned off. This is to prevent permanent damage due to short circuit.

Second, dry the area outside the smartphone. Use anything near you to dry the body of a smartphone, can towelish towels. Shake your smartphone to keep the liquid coming through the gaps of the smartphone out.

Third, drain further. After the outer view is dry, the next step is to dry the inside with a moisture absorbing element. The most commonly used is rice.

Actually rice is not the best moisture absorber, but it is easy to find. The other option is the silicone gel package normally found on new electronic packages.

Drown your smartphone on rice or silicone gel for at least 24 hours. If you want maximum results, be patient for up to 48 hours.
For a more qualified alternative, you can use a smartphone dryer such as DryBox or Redux. Such professional tools are claimed to be successful in fixing smartphones, even after being dunked in puddles of beer, soup, and mud.

It should be noted, the above simple tips do not apply to smartphones immersed in seawater and soda. Therefore, the two elements of water is very fast to make corrosion of rust on the electronic elements of the compilers of smartphones.

If you do feel yourself a careless person, you should choose an IP68 certified waterproof smartphone from the start. Good luck!

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