10 Most Popular Android and iPhone Applications 2012

Nielsen survey institution have just launched an iPhone and Android application data is most popular in the year 2012.

From these data, it is known that the most popular applications on the iPhone is Maps, while for Android, the applications most frequently used is Google Search.

Maps digital map application Apple has been criticized for not being able to present a map of the level of accuracy that can be believed. So, why the application is still widely used?

Apparently, the list is reported by Nielsen survey from January to October. Apple's own Maps, arrived two months, along with the launch of iOS 6 in September. Previously, the default digital map application that is in iOS 5 is Google Maps.

Map application on the iPhone is used by an average of more than 32.4 million iPhone users every month. This app beats Facebook who are in second place with 28.6 million users as the number of people.

In terms of Android, most users access the application Google Search in 2012. Average there are 44.4 million people access the application every month.

Interestingly, there are also applications "Advanced Task Killer" on this list. This application is used to turn off background applications running on the system. By using this application, users can conserve battery power better. Total average monthly users of these applications is 9.5 million people.

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