Nokia N81 N-Gage gaming phone

The Nokia N81 has hit the market as a revamped 3G N-Gage mobile gaming platform and packs a 2 megapixel camera, front-facing video calling camera, integrated speakers, and HSDPA to make online gaming a little smoother. Games can be downloaded for 10 Euros a piece, and will be integrated with the Nokia Ovi service that was just launched. And, the Nokia N81 has a really trick UI going on. The different window panes will be arranged in a rotating carousel, and will serve up different Ovi services as they become available.

The best part? There's an 8GB model that will be going on sale Q4 2007. But, as high-end phones with massive flash memory capacity tend to do, the 8GB N81 will lighten your back pocket by €431 ($585), while the 2GB microSD unit will command a €360 ($490) price tag.

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