Choosing iPod nano Holders: Quick Tips

By Lydia Vaughn

Congratulations on your new iPod nano! You're going to enjoy it. There's a couple accessories you'l want though, and the first is usually an iPod nano holder. Here's some tips to help you get started.

There's a wider variety of nano cases then you might expect, in a variety of stiles. You might find choosing a case more complicated than you planned.

At the low-price range you'll find silocone film coverings, faux leather flip cases, and all sorts of plastic belt clips. Beyond that you'll see workout holders, fashion beauties, and wind/weather protectors.

How will the iPod nano fit into your life?

Stop and think for a minute. How will you use the nano in your day? Will you listen during your commute? During a workout? While working around the house? Are you likely to drop your iPod nano or bump into it?

Now that you've thought about it, you probably realize you need a couple different holders. For example, I use a leather and snakeskin holder during my commutes and have a Belkin neoprene armband for my workouts.

For Working Out:

When you're working out you want easy access to the iPod nano while protecting it from bumps, drops, and getting banged against equipment. For most of us that means using an armband.

If you do a solid workout, you'll want to get a sweat-resistant armband. (You don't want your nano getting wet.) I have a neoprene armband with a plastic film front cover and a cord keeper. Armbands do have a downside, as it can be hard to see the display if you want to change the playlist.

If you'd prefer to carry your iPod nano when working out you'll want a slip-proof cover. I suggest a silicone cover thick enough to also provide a little shock absorption if (or is it when?) you drop it.

At Work (or While Commuting)

Some professions require a conservative, professional image. If a put-together appearance is critical you'll want a leather iPod nano cover. You can get them in wallet-fold or flip-top styles. They'll project the image you need. Consider a leather case that has a lining to protect your nano from scratches.

If a conservative image doesn't matter, I'm jealous. Read the next paragraphs to decide what level of practicality or style is right for you.

Practical Features:

If you'll be outside much you might consider waterproof cases. Also think about whether you need a belt clip or perhaps a snap to help you keep track of the case.

If you travel, have a hectic life, or will be dropping the iPod nano to the bottom of your purse/briefcase/bag you should consider a hard case. You could also get a softer case with reinforced corners to protect the nano.

Going for style:

Most nano owners are more worried about practical stuff. Some of us like to look good with the nano as well. You can get designer cases, cases with Swarovski crystal accents, even cases made with high-energy prints. My website has a review of designer iPod nano holders to give you some ideas.

Know what you want now? Go forth and buy! If you're still not quite sure, stop by my website for a few ideas. Whatever you decide, you'll enjoy your new iPod 3G nano.

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