Product Review of Human Touch HT 7450 Zero Gravity Lounger

The high end massage chair recliner from Human Touch is the HT 7450. The HT 7450 is a zero gravity lounger. This product review will point out the key features and functions. We will also walk through the warranty coverage, since this is an important aspect of a large ticket item. Let us now take a look at the HT-7450 massage chair recliner by Human Touch.

When looking for a massage chair, it is best to stick with the top brands in the industry. There are too many cheap knock off importers that will not be around next year. There are chairs to fit every budget. Go with a good quality massage chair from a known company and you will be happy for years to come.

So let us look at the warranty coverage from Human Touch. The high end HT7450 gets the best warranty coverage from Human Touch in its product line. The HT 7450 comes with 5 years on the chair's structure. There is a 3 year warranty on parts. You get 1 year labor and 90 days in home service. This is the most extensive warranty coverage offered by Human Touch. It is somewhat below average compared to the other name brands. Customer service is pretty good and turnaround is quick.

This massage recliner is what is known as a zero gravity lounger. What is a zero gravity lounger? This is a combination of the chair back and leg rest position that makes it a zero gravity position. This position is where your knees are elevated above your heart. It is supposed to take the direct pressure from the spine and distribute it across the whole back.

The HT 7450 comes with an engineered ergonomic zero gravity recline function. Human Touch claims that tension can build up in the arms, shoulders and neck when reclined to the zero gravity position in most massage chairs. They have developed an armrest that moves independent of the chair back. This supports the body better than the traditional approach.

The armrest is also complimented with the seat of the HT-7450. The seat of this massage recliner will tilt down when you are going to the zero gravity position. This is designed to support the lumbar and keeps it in a natural and stress-free position. These two features are to keep tension to a minimum in your body for this position.

You may or may not be a fan of zero gravity, but what are the massage functions with this massage recliner? The HT 7450 comes with 8 automatic programs that work off a touch of a button. There are 8 seat massage choices with pulsating action. You can also select from 4 manual massage treatments. There is also a dual lumbar heating system built into the chair back. The leg rest has a built in calf massager.

One of our favorite pre-programmed massages is the Full Body Sore Muscle Relief massage treatment. This massage treatment has a warm up, full massage and then a warm down in its program cycle. The warm up massage lasts for 3 minutes and is to loosen the muscles for the main massage cycle. The main massage cycle is a deep tissue massage to relieve sore, aching muscles. The recliner then shifts into a warm down to relax the muscles for the final three minutes.

Overall, the HT 7450 zero gravity massage lounger is a solid contender in the high end luxury massage chair market. It boasts a sleek, modern design and can go in most rooms. It is made with top grain leather, which is a bit of a concern with the built in heaters in the chair back. In the past, these have lead to the leather cracking over time. Hopefully, this is not the case with this lounger. The massage therapy is well designed and effective for targeting relief. You should consider this massage chair if you are looking for a higher end massage chair recliner.

By Steve Esquire

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