Step By Step To Converting Movies To Your Apple iPhone 3G

Youve heard that you could watch movies on your iPhone, right? And you've each of your favorite movies on DVD already. But how would you get your DVD movies into your iPhone?

There're a few different ways to convert your movie DVDs to your iPhone -- a long, tricky way, and a quick simple way. The easiest way by far is to learn the wide iPhone entertainment package over at Among the numerous entertainment choices, the iPhone DVD includes a one touch DVD to iPhone converter. It is easy to apply and converts your DVD movies to iPhone format in record time.

If you dont use the easy one touch DVD to iPhone converter, you can still use free software you could find on the Net to convert your DVDs, but the chore is a long, tiring, complex procedure. You require to locate, download, and install at the most three software programs to allow you to complete your conversion. If you use a Windows operating system, this are the steps :

Step 1. Utilize DVD Decryptor software to rip the DVD movie files into 1 .VOB file.

For better results, you require to have a moderately new DVD-ROM drive, and use DVDs that are new, clean, and have zero scratches at all. Say you try to utilize a scratched DVD, you might destroy your DVD-ROM. This region also uses up a lot of computer resources, so be certain to close every of the program you possibly can.

Step 2. Utilize the Videora iPod Converter software to convert the .VOB file into a iPhone compatible MPEG 4 file. This software uses a Unix programme in order to operate, and needs the newest version of CYGWIN installed on your computer. Say you don't have this, then you also require to get it.

Step three. Use the iTunes software to import the finished iPhone format into your iPhone.

As you see, every step of the converting procedure utilises a different software to do that task. Learning the alternatives in each software can take you a short while, too. Once you understand what to do, then the procedure itself can take few hours to convert each DVD movie.

And so that was the long, difficult way to convert your DVD movies to your iPhone.

Yea, the easy and convenience of the 1 touch DVD to iPhone converter from is by all odds preferable. Its graphical interface is user friendly. And you can clip, crop, and edit your movies to your wish. With all these great features, you may be considering that it must be high-priced. Rather the contrary! For the price of dinner and a movie, you could be changing all your DVDs to your iPhone at the touch of a button. So skip the night out, and head on over to to seize your entertainment package at once!

By Aaron Davies

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