Best Ways To Remove Personal Antivirus Malicious Software

Personal Antivirus is the latest in a string of especially devious malware entities. These new ones pretend to be anti-malware programs, and get you to download them to keep your computer safe... ironically, infecting your computer! Personal Antivirus is a particularly bad one, so you should know how to get rid of it and do so quickly, or your entire computer could become as good as a bulky paperweight.

This example of malware uses extremely pushy, dishonest advertising claiming that your computer is infected by spyware or some other form of malware, thus encouraging you to immediately download Personal Antivirus and run it to scourge your hard drive clean of the vile things. But unfortunately, this ad is a lie, and Personal Antivirus will cheerfully infect and harm your system should you trust its marketing.

How does it hurt your computer, you may ask? A near-constant salvo of popups is, of course, standard. False security scan messages are an additional nasty twist. And of course, like most malware, it will slow your system down, and slow it down worse the longer you leave it to do its wicked business.

The remote server connected to this particular software may, at anytime, be recieving logs of what ever you are browsing, and even your keystrokes. In this way, hackers can gain access to secure sites with your personal information. Yes, this includes your email, paypal, and even bank and credit accounts. You run the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Personal Antivirus is a durable little bug that doesn't want to be squished. It has a very well-developed and dynamic set of programming that makes it quite hard to get rid of. It will place a great many useless dummy files on your system that do nothing but throw legitimate anti-malware scanners off the track of the real culprit. Deleting it manually is a challenge, because the random files are hard to identify as what they are, while at the same time still containing thee seed that allows the program to reinstall itself over and over again, even if you get rid of it once.

Programs of higher quality may cost a bit of money, but have features that enable them to detect more bugs, and more recent spyware. You will also find yourself well protected in the future, as better anti-spyware programs will include features that can prevent you from ever being infected at all. Some examples would be PC Tools Spyware Doctor 6.0, and Sunbelt CounterSpy 3.1, which are priced anywhere between $45 and $20.

Getting a defensive program of that level of ability can cost you a bit, but the very fact of a significant pricetag means that you'll have added defensive measures that Personal Antivirus will really make you need. Think of it as a longterm investment, since this software will not only get rid of your current enemy in Personal Antivirus, but keep you safe fur the future as well.

By Susan Reynolds

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