Secret Behind Making sheath Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III was launched. However, this new Samsung employees dare to reveal the secrets of making the Galaxy S III.

Actually, the device specifications or drawings leak that had been circulating there is the same with the Samsung Galaxy S III final.

"But we guarantee that everything related to the Samsung Galaxy S III, both patents and technology, very secret," Samsung said in his blog.

Beyond that, there are some employees who try to uncover the secrets of Samsung manufacture the most advanced devices. One is the Chief Engineer Samsung Byung-Joon Lee was forced to lie to their children.

Incidentally Lee's eldest son was in class VI. His son knows that Lee is a Samsung employee, who is specifically involved makes Samsung Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S and S II.

So his son must have thought that his father also would make Samsung Galaxy S III. Any news about the Galaxy S III in the internet, surely his son asked his father would make Samsung Galaxy S III, right?

"But I can only say do not know. It's really weird," said Lee.

Samsung Galaxy S III was made in secret laboratories. To enter it, need a special card and fingerprint scanning.

Thus, if there is leakage of information related to the device, it will be easily known. However, until the device is officially released, no one can leak information.

Project of the Samsung Galaxy S III is highly confidential. In fact, when a prototype is moved to another part, such devices must be placed in a special box that will not be seen by employees.

The testing procedures are also monitored day and night to ensure no leakage of information. In fact, employees are also forbidden to take pictures.

"We are only allowed to see the product. Others can not, even just taking pictures too," said Lee.

Actually, the device also could be made in the three prototypes. The prototype device is similar to the final product. The engineers who make these devices even have to continue to examine each model in a certain time frame.

"I am responsible for the antenna," said Senior Engineer Beoung Sun-lee.

Although only the antenna design, Sun-lee should hand back and forth antenna designs. Every meeting, Sun-lee should hand over the design of new antennas.

"The truth is quite tiring and frustrating," said Sun Lee.

Chief of Engineers Samsung Woo Sun-yoon agree. But he obviously tiring and frustrating enough, the manufacture of these devices proved to be withheld. All employees can keep the product until the official launch schedule.