Galaxy S III Special Edition of the London 2012 Olympics

Samsung Galaxy S III Olympic Special Edition London 2012

Take advantage of the momentum of the Olympic Games, Samsung released the Galaxy S III special edition of the London 2012 Olympics. This rare smartphone targeting those who like to collect the special edition.

Nothing was different from the hardware specifications. The difference lies only in the design of the rear panel. Samsung made ​​two designs, namely the flag of Great Britain and the United Kingdom the team's official logo in the 2012 Olympics, which is represented by a lion's head in blue, red and white.

Galaxy S III edition of the Olympics is going to be sold in the UK, starting August 1, 2012.

In addition to the two images, the Samsung also designed the rear panel picture royal guard of soldiers, the flag of the United Kingdom and the size of the atmosphere of London in the perspective of a cartoon.

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