4 Steps To Secure the Blackberry Data

You would save valuable information on the BlackBerry, such as data business associates, important emails, to your precious files. To that end, maintain the security of the BlackBerry would be very important for, in order to maintain the confidentiality of personal files to prevent loss of data that are important to you.

How simple can be done for example by not leaving your BlackBerry without supervision, but besides that there are certainly ways you can do to double the security of data on your BlackBerry, including the following.

1. Use a Password
It is important to prevent others from accessing data held on BlackBerry without your permission. To install the password on your BlackBerry, go to Options> Security> Password, then mark the Enable option. Click Set Password, enter your keywords as you wish, repeat the Verify New Password field.

By default you are given the opportunity to make a mistake up to 9 times, and your BlackBerry will be secured with a password automatically when not used within 30 minutes. You can change the settings on the Password menu. Press the back button, click Save.

2. Turn On the Contacts and File Encryption
To do this, Go to Options> Security> Encryption, check the Encrypt. Media contacts and check the option File. Press the back button, click Save.

3. Backup Data to Computer
You need the BlackBerry Desktop Software to backup your BlackBerry data to a computer. This program can be downloaded for free at http://id.blackberry.com/services/desktop/.

Run the BlackBerry Desktop Software, click the "Back up now" adjust the settings to your needs. Click on "Back up".

4. Backup Data to a Memory Card
In addition to storing backup data on the computer, it never hurts to save backup data to your external storage media. How, from the main menu click Setup> Device Switch> Using a Media Card> Save Data. Click Continue, enter a keyword in the Password field and Confirm ulngi column. Click Save, wait until the backup process is complete.
The data you store on your computer and restore the memory card can be returned or transferred to another BlackBerry device when needed. 

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