Blackberry Bold Bellagio 9790 Review

Blackberry 9790 Bellagio became the most advanced devices from Research in Motion (RIM) at the end of 2011. Blackberry Bold 9790 Bellagio has a complete specification with attractive features. With all the sophistication offered, the Bellagio is sometimes called the Blackberry Onyx III.

Luxury Design

Bellagio has a thickness of 11.4 mm, well below its predecessor Blackberry Onyx II / Bold 9780 (15 mm) or Onyx I / 9700 (14 mm). It weighs only 107 grams too, lighter than Onyx I (136 grams) and Onyx II (122 grams). If placed in the pocket, it will not look like he was pocketing the phone. Even when held, the phone feels light.

At first glance, the design looks more luxurious Onyx II because of the impression the majority of stainless steel is more than the Bellagio. But Onyx III indentation at the bottom of a more streamlined making it no less elegant.

One thing that is interesting, no external memory location under the battery, making it possible to replace or remove the memory card without unplugging the battery.

Keypad: The composition of the four buttons next to the trackpad Bellagio made separately and made more prominent. Onyx III keypad looks a little smaller than the Onyx II, especially the keypad on the edge, but the keypad Onyx III is much more tender.

Screen: The screen size is 2.45 inch Bellagio, slightly larger than the Onyx II (2.44 inches). The resolution is both 480 x 360 pixels. But the difference is a full capacitive touch screen at the Bellagio.

Camera: Resolution no difference with the Onyx II is a 5MP autofocus camera with LED flash, just an improvement in the supporting features like face detection, image stabilization to the mode in door or outdoor. Unfortunately, the resulting video only supports VGA, not HD recording.

Connection: When you put the Blackberry other types microUSB socket and charger to the left of the phone, the Bellagio puts down the phone jack on the side. While the left cell phone headset jack located only 3.5 mm. On the right cell phone, there are only volume keys and camera. On the up side, there is a button lock (lock).

Browsing: Bellagio is equipped with Marvel Tavor MG1 processor 1 GHz, higher than its predecessor and more responsive in browsing. But when it is often used browsing, the battery suddenly heat up through the back of the phone body and in front of the phone keypad. To be normal, cell phone batteries should be removed and allowed to stand for a while.

Battery: The battery capacity of 1230 mAh included. After use for a week, the average battery only lasted a maximum of 10 hours. Even if quite often used for mobile, social media and email typing the batteries only last a maximum of 8 hours.


Lightweight, thin, easy to carry
MG1 Marvel Tavor processor 1 GHz (faster browsing, especially on the 3G network)
Internal memory capacity is more loose, 8GB
Capacitive touch screen
Keypad is more tender, despite the smaller size
Blackberry OS 7.0


Batteries only last a maximum of 8-10 hours
Does not yet support video recording High Definition
Small keypad that will make it difficult for users with large fingers
Design when compared to less luxurious Onyx II
Price of USD 4.6 million, more expensive than the Onyx II but cheaper than the Dakota

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