Why iPad Mini Impossible For Sale Cheap?

A few days ago photos circulating screenshot inventory a store in Germany which includes price iPad Mini. The device was described priced starting price of 249 Euros for the 8 GB version of "WiFi Only".

Sounds pretty cheap, but if the price level is fairly realistic? This was questioned by the technology site ZDNet. From the analysis of short, ZDNet conclude that the leak rates are likely to be inaccurate. Why?

Mini iPad cheapest price mentioned for 249 Euros or 320 U.S. dollars only differs six dollars higher than the Kindle Fire tablet HD 16 GB made ​​by Amazon, a recognized author does not generate profit.

The difference in storage capacity should not have much affect on the price, because the difference between the 8 and 16 GB less than 10 dollars.

Meanwhile, electronic goods sold in the European continent taxed higher. Referring to these leaks, pre-tax price of the iPad Mini should be closer to the 200 euros or about 260 U.S. dollars. More about 60 dollars cheaper than the Kindle Fire HD that do not generate a profit margin for the manufacturer, Amazon.

On the other hand, Apple usually take a large enough profit margin from sales of its products. Court of Samsung-Apple patent dispute shows that the iPhone, for example, has a profit margin of between 23 to 32 percent.

Therefore, it is unlikely Apple will sell iPad Mini at a price far below the 399 U.S. dollars.

ZDNet estimates that prices in these leaks missed at least $ 80 dollars (cheaper). So according to ZDNet, the cheapest iPad Mini with 8GB capacity will be priced at least for 400 U.S. dollars, or approximately USD 3.8 million.

Is this true? Let's wait for the facts at the time of launch, if the iPad Mini is really there.

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