Virtual Keyboard BlackBerry Z10

Virtual Keyboard BlackBerry Z10

From some of the advantages and disadvantages of the BlackBerry 10 operating system, the virtual keyboard feature is one that deserves thumbs up. He is very comfortable to wear type.

Comfortable typing on the BlackBerry Z10 with perceived KompasTekno when typing on the iPhone virtual keyboard. In both of these phones, you can type fast accurately, with a minimal level of misses.

In the virtual keyboard BlackBerry 10, the distance between the keys is fairly tight side. However, the BlackBerry gives a rather thick boundary between the upper and lower range.

 If you notice, appearance and limit virtual keyboard is similar to a physical keyboard BlackBerry Q10, one of the phones that have been using the BlackBerry operating system 10. Range keyboard from end to end design is straight, not like the old BlackBerry keyboard, designed curved from end to end.
 In addition to letters, the virtual keyboard on the BlackBerry 10 also provides characters or symbols and emoticons, to enrich the experience of chatting.

Word Suggestions, used to predict the next word

When used for typing, the virtual keyboard on the BlackBerry 10 will predict the next word you might type. These words are called word prediction suggestions. He will appear at the top of the initial letters of the word prediction.

If you want to use the word prediction is in the Indonesian language, must first be set in the Indonesian language. Go to the Settings menu, then to the Language and Input / Language and Input, and change the Display Language / Language Display into Indonesian.

The number of words that appear predictions will be different each time, could be 3 words, 5 words, or even more. If you want to use the word prediction, then stay touching while pulling upward.

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