Xperia Z Infected "Ticks" Similar to iPhone

xperia z

After buffeted by the issue of sudden death some time ago, now Sony's latest flagship smartphone Mobile, Xperia Z, again hit the news is less good.

Quoted from Phone Arena, Wednesday (27/03/2013), a YouTube user uploaded a simple way that allows him to see all the available data, such as e-mail, contacts, and text messages, without having to guess the password that protects Xperia Z.

Scott Reed, a Z Xperia users, who managed to find the security hole. In diunggahnya video, he was seen entering a few simple code when the phone is in emergency call mode (emergency call).

Once the code is entered, this smartphone will release some of the menu. Reed was seen selecting menu NFC. Well, from the NFC this, Reed can press the logo that brought the house directly to the home page Xperia Z.

Through these steps, Reed can go to the main page Xperia Z, without having to enter a password.

Case vulnerabilities that would allow someone to bypass the password as this is not the first time that happened. Some time ago, Apple iPhone smartphone is also affected by this problem.

Apple is already aware of the problem and try to solve the matter through the iOS 6.1.3 update. Unfortunately, this issue is not over. Found a new way to bypass it.

In December 2012 ago, Samsung was exposed to the same problem. This problem is known to afflict products that use Samsung's Exynos processor Exynos 4210 and 4412.

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