5 Deficits of iPhone 5S


Apple officially released the newest generation iPhone , 5S , in an event at Apple Campus , Cupertino , USA, on Wednesday ( 11/09/2013 ) .
It comes with a range of new advantages compared with previous -generation iPhone , ie in terms of the camera and also the processor .
In addition, the iPhone 5S is also equipped with a new feature , the fingerprint scanner . Given these features , the security of these devices would be more secure .
After knowing the advantages of these devices , it is worth KompasTekno discuss the shortcomings of the iPhone 5S . The following 5 weakness iPhone 5S , as quoted from Cnet .
1 . Screen size does not change
In the current competitors are vying to bring a smart phone with a landscape display as much as possible , Apple did not budge with the current size .
IPhone screen size of the iPhone 5S 5S unchanged , ie both 4 inch . The size is only half an inch bigger than the iPhone 4S .
2 . Faster processor
Yes , with a faster processor would certainly make more powerful iPhone 5S . However , it turned out just great role that applications and games run more smoothly .
What about other devices operational ? Unfortunately , for most of the operations of the device , the processor does not play much .
In addition , because of the greater power and a doubling of transistors on the processor , it will consume more battery power .
3 . No increase battery lifePerhaps , most people do not need a faster processor , as long as a day -to-day operations are met . Which is much needed by today's consumer is a larger battery capacity . Unfortunately , it is not accommodated in the new iPhone Apple .
4 . There is no model with a larger capacity
iPhone 5S currently only comes in capacities of 16 , 32 , and 64 GB . Unfortunately , he was not armed with a larger capacity than that , like 128 GB .
Nowadays , many users who store music , photos, documents and various other smart phone devices . Desperately needed a device that has a large capacity .
In fact , many Android based phone that has been equipped with support for microSD cards up to 64 GB capacity .
5 . Not too many new innovations
Fingerprint scanner feature on the iPhone 5S is getting the most attention from consumers . This happens because this is an innovation that is considered good .
Unfortunately , these innovations only come from the side of the feature alone . Yet there is another innovation that really makes the consumer feel amazed , like when the iPhone was launched for the first time .

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