The Reason You Can't Find a Wii

When is the Nintendo Wii coming out? We hear this question more than any other question lately. People have heard about it, but are not entirely sure if it is out, when it is coming out, or when to expect it. What is really sad is that the Nintendo Wii has already been released, it was released in 2006, but it is so difficult to find that many people have no idea that it has been released.

What has made the Wii so tough to locate? The fact is that there is tremendous demand for the console. Things like the domino effect happen when demand reaches such a high level. The response to the question is: Supply vs. Demand.

Nintendo was able to create so much excitement and publicity about this product before it was released, that buyers were ready to buy when it finally was available. It was not unusual to see people standing in long lines often blocks long to get a Wii. It did not matter if it was cold, snowing, or hot as long as buyers could get their hands on the long awaited Wii.

All around the world, people lined up at stores during opening time, yet most people left empty handed. If you weren't fortunate enough to be among the first ten people in line, you simply wasted your time and received nothing in return. Why? The truth is that Nintendo did not produce enough.

So, even if you heard about the Wii and got excited, you have not been able to find one, so that leaves you to ponder the question when is the Nintendo Wii coming out? Now, instead of pondering that question, you should be pondering how you are going to get one. The demand exceeds the supply, which means that the Wii is a hard to find little gadget.

Supply not meeting demand is not a new concept. Many manufacturers have started doing this for different reasons. However, the main reason boils down to the fact that over the years they have tried to create a high demand, thus they have produced a large amount of supply, only to see that the supply exceeded the demand.

If a company has more products than it is able to sell, it will lose profits. They will have no growing revenue and a mass amount of products sitting around with no one to sell to. A quick fix to this problem has been discovered, however. Companies have now found that if you produce and sell limited quantities of a certain product, the demand is sure to grow. When a customer knows it is hard to find and purchase an item, they will want it more, rush to buy it where it is available, and spread the word to other consumers.

Why is the Wii so hard to find? When is the Nintendo Wii coming out? It is out, you just have to wait for Nintendo to release more. High demand dictates that the price of the product can remain high as well. The companies are getting their money's worth, while the consumer is still trying to find the product.

By Delaney Kava

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