Efficiency and Convenience in One - Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX

The use of two monitors, known as dual monitoring, has been around for over a decade. The idea, behind having two monitors, is to allow individuals to accomplish their work in a more efficient productive manner. One of the downfalls is the amount of space that two decent sized monitors will take up on any given desk.

Samsung is known for their high quality and variety of monitors. They have recently added, to their already popular product line, a brand new concept - a dual monitor setup in one. This system consists of a 22-inch and 7-inch monitor that takes up the space of only one 22" unit. This new concept is to provide the same efficiency that two full sized monitors offer. The idea behind it is to use the 7-inch monitor for secondary applications like instant messaging, and the 22-inch monitor for your primary applications.

These monitors, with their shiny black coating, and beveled edges, will add a bit of elegance to any setting. The 22" monitor has a response time of 5ms, contrast ration of 1000:1, and a resolution of 1680 x 1050. All of which is pretty standard for monitors today. To connect the 22" to your computer, you will need to connect not only via the DVI, HDMI, or VGA port, but with the USB 2.0 port as well.

The secondary monitor, 7-inch, was intentionally designed as such. With a resolution of 800 x 480, response time of 30ms, and contrast ratio of 400:1, this monitor is best used with smaller applications like instant messaging or video conferencing.

The secondary monitor attaches nicely to the primary monitor, taking up much less real estate on your desk. It is attached via a pivotal arm that allows you to rotate the monitor to the perfect position. Additionally, the 7-inch monitor can be adjusted to either landscape or portrait layout, whichever you prefer.

An added bonus, to this setup, is the fact that the 7-inch monitor can be used as a standalone unit. This counteracts the purpose of the design, but could be useful in some situations. For example, it can be used as a secondary laptop monitor. For those who travel or need portability, this is a great-added benefit.

The Syncmaster 2263DX not only offers a functional dual monitoring setup for small offices, but provides a solid platform for teleconferencing as well. There is a 3.0M webcam, 1.5W down firing speakers, and a microphone - all built right into the monitor itself. The secondary monitor, the 7-inch one, is perfect for the video aspect of a teleconference.

For around $550 you can purchase one of these new SyncMaster 2263DXs. If you have priced monitors, you know that this is a bit of a steep price for a 22-inch monitor. You could easily pick up two separate full sized monitors for the same price.

Purchasing Samsungs SyncMaster 2263DX all comes down to personal preference, space, and budget. The system offers some great functionality, along with convenience and efficiency. If you are going for dual monitoring only, two monitors would be the cheaper option. If you are looking for new and convenient with an added bonus of technology, then the SyncMaster 2263DX is the answer.

By Matt Ryan

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