Nokia N76 Cellular Phone : Bridging The World For The Better

As a world leader in mobile communications, Nokia has pushed the envelope with the launch of Nokia N76 cellular phone. This model features the latest in technology all in one ultra-slim package. This is one model that is dedicated to the user's functionality and ease of use of the mobile phone.

Not merely a mobile phone, the Nokia N76 cellular phone is a multimedia computer you can carry with you anywhere you go. It boasts of a vibrant TFT display enclosed in a 2.4 inch screen projecting 16 million colors and a 240 x 320 pixel resolution. No display can be clearer than that. It even has an external display with 160 x 128 pixel resolution for easy access to multimedia features even without flipping the cover.

The Nokia N76 Cellular phone is an exquisite combination of material and style. This newest addition to the Nokia Nseries now allows consumers to enjoy technology to the fullest, through music, videos, internet, and entertainment.

The N76 phone is a divine combination of style and material. With its music features and wireless connectivity, consumers can enjoy technology to the fullest. Access to music and the internet can be achieved with this phone, as well as playing video files and snapping high resolution pictures. File transfer is made possible via wireless internet connection or USB connectivity to the PC.

Music fans will be delighted by the features of the Nokia N76 Cellular Phone. This phone has dedicated music buttons to give access to its music features in an instant.

Now, music fans can turn the music on with just one touch and not through a series of commands via menu like other phones. It has powerful speakers which give out loud and clear audio quality.

The Nokia N76 has a gorgeous 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen capable of displaying 16 million colors for exceptional picture quality. Now consumers can view photos and watch videos in lifelike quality of the ultimate visual experience.

You can also use the download application. This will let you see what new software and services are available for your multimedia computer. This can also keep your computer other preferred applications fresh on the Nokia N76 cellular phone.

By Alice Sy

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