OPPO N3 Will be Released, These Are The Innovations!


September 2013, OPPO introduced a new product line that promotes N-Lens photography features. OPPO N1, the first product that brings OPPO 13 Megapixel rotating camera features. A year after successfully bringing new innovation to the smartphone industry, OPPO series products will bring a new N-Lens, OPPO N3. From some teaser published in various media, the following features innovations that will be introduced at OPPO N3.

Aluminum-lithium material and stainless steel
According to news OPPO N3 will be available in two versions with different materials, one of which is aluminum lithium, aluminum material commonly used on aircraft, especially the wings and its body. In addition to having a high level of resistance, aluminum lithium has a lighter weight, it is suitable for use on a mobile device carried throughout the day.

Liquid metal cooling system
OPPO N3 will immerse cooling system, using liquid metal on the mainboard components, helping to spread the processor temperature more quickly and effectively.

Fingerprint scanners
OPPO N3 is also rumored to be pinned on the fingerprint scanner on the back cover, it is unclear whether this is an upgrade from the O-Touch functions on OPPO N1.

Automatic camera module
Surely OPPO N3 will be equipped with a rotating camera that is characteristic of the N-Lens series, but it seems like the camera rotation OPPO lebh N3 using advanced technology, electric rotating camera, which means the camera can rotate automatically through software control.

Upgrade camera parameters
The most noted users of course, is whether the improved camera capabilities? The answer is yes. Not only is using the camera sensor is higher at 16 megapixels, sensor size also upgraded to 1 / 2.3 inch, OPPO rumored to be pinned on the OIS function N3 N3 makes the smartphone into a device that has the most professional camera.

VOOC Rapid Charge
OPPO fast charging technology development certainly will not dihilangkanpada this product. VOOC Rapid Charge on the N3 also get an increase of 7 series and named VOOC Find mini. VOOC Mini comes with a smaller physical and a separate USB cable, of course, features 75% charge in 30 minutes still exist or could be faster.

The design is N3 OPPO been published on various websites, but with the appearance of multiple images with different designs make ​​users wonder about the outside case of OPPO N3.

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