Samsung ML 1450

The Samsung ML 1450 Printer can be a great investment for all of your printing needs. If you are in the process of purchasing this printer it is a good idea to buy an extra Samsung ML 1450 Toner to go with it. There is nothing worse than running out of toner when you really need to finish something. You never know when you might need it, so it is not a bad idea to have an extra toner on hand, just in case. You can find the toner for sale on this website.

The ML 1450 printer is an excellent choice if you are looking to get the most for your money. This printer is a wonderful addition to any home office, because of all the great features that it has. It includes 4 MB of memory which is plenty for most home office printing needs; however, if you need for memory you can purchase the memory sticks for this printer from Samsung's website.

The paper tray is a good size. It can hold up to 550 sheets of standard sized office paper. This is approximately one package that you would purchase from your local office supply store. The tray also has a place for envelopes, as well as room for 100 extra sheets of multi-purpose paper.

The Samsung ML 1450 printer also features some excellent software. The watermark feature is an excellent option for those who run their own home business. You may be able to download this software online form the manufacturer if you happen to misplace it. You should check with Samsung to see if you are able to do this.

This printer is painless to use. There is a manual that comes with the printer. It is printed in full color. This manual is also available to download in PDF form. You can find this on Samsung's webpage. People who are experienced with setting up laser printers and those who know a lot about computers will have no problems setting up the printer without the manual.

The Samsung ML 1450 printer is also able to be connected to a network. To connect the printer to a network you will need a USB hub. If you do not have one, the price is fairly reasonable on the Samsung website. The printer is also very sharp and pleasant to look at. It seems to be substantially made. The plastic does not appear to be cheap and easily breakable.

Samsung ML 1450 Toner is priced very reasonably. This is because the Samsung toner includes the drum as well. This is valuable, because it prevents you from having to replace the drum as well as the toner. Since they come together you don't have to purchase them separately.

By Ben Pate

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