Coolpix S1000PJ Digital Camera - For the Paparazzi in You!

There's one at every party - the smiling, snap happy idiot who wanders around all night saying "smile", taking down every moment for posterity and 'annoying' everyone. Oh, that's you? Well then, the new S1000PJ is about to make your day.

The Nikon S1000PJ digital camera is the first ultra small digital camera in the world with a projection feature - so now you can move on to a whole new level of 'annoying' by displaying your shots on the nearest wall for all to see. The battery will give you approximately 220 snaps before you need to re-charge, so if you photograph everyone say, ten times during the party, you can comfortably 'annoy' around 22 guests.

Project your images onto walls, ceilings or even other people - white t-shirts are great for that. Oh, the joy! When sloshed Sally slides off her chair into the garden bed, snap away. There's bound to be someone who missed it and you'll be able to give everyone an instant replay. With 12.1 megapixel resolution the images of Sally will look sharp even if she's feeling a little blurry.

The lovers who wander off from the crowd won't be safe from you either. They'll look fabulous in the close up you get with the 5x Coolpix zoom. How sweet they'll look on the living room wall. Why wait until later to embarrass them? And when you find yourself being forcefully ejected, don't give up! The Nikon's vibration reduction and image stabilizing will help you get those last few photos before you hit the pavement.

The family function should also be in your frame. The Coolpix S1000PJ has a Smart Portrait System with red eye fix and 'skin softening' that will take the edge off those family members who are looking a little worn. Even if you're still an amateur, the Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ has a D-lighting feature that ensures optimized exposure and adds detail to your shots.

Those are all superb features and, with Nikon, you can rest assured that the implementation is always the highest quality possible. But let's get back to that projector for a minute.

The kit features a stand, so you won't have to hold your projector camera. That eliminates shaking of the image. It also holds a wireless remote control. Projector operation is so easy any member of the family can use it. Of course, you can download your images if you want. Just plug the high-speed USB interface into your computer and off you go.

The S1000PJ is digital camera technology at its best and not nearly as expensive as you'd expect it to be. Whether you're the party paparazzi or the family photographer, you're going to love the Coolpix S1000PJ digital camera. If you aren't either, then the Coolpix S1000PJ will make the perfect gift for that special person in your life. If they must take a hundred shots of you at every event, you may as well make sure they do it properly!

By Mike Wilsters

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