How to Setup Personal Email on Samsung Galaxy S III

When you activate Google services like Google Play and Picasa on any Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S3, it automatically activate your Gmail account on it too. But if you want to setup a personal or work email other than your Gmail you just have to follow the steps below. Just make sure that you have internet or data connection on your mobile for that to work.

1. Tap on Apps
2. Tap on the icon that says "Email" and not Gmail
3. Tap on the box and type in your email address and password
4. Tap on Next
5. Tap on the box that says "Give this account a name (Optional)" and type in your desired name for it such as Work or Personal. This is optional but recommend to give it a name specially if your setting up multiple email accounts on it.
6. Tap on Done
7. Wait for couple of minutes for the phone to check for new messages
8. Go back to the main screen by pressing the Home button
9. Select server type which POP3 most of the time
10.Type in your email username on the box
11. Type the incoming mail server of your email account in the box that says POP3 Server
12.Select None for Security Type
13.Type in your email's incoming port number. Try 110 if you are not sure with it.
14.Type in your outgoing mail server.
15.Select None again for security type.
16.Type in your email's outgoing port number. Try 25 if you are not sure with it.
17.Put a tick on the box that says "Require Sign In"
18.Tap on Next.
19.Select your desired frequency for your phone to check and retrieve emails.
20.Type the display or sender name you want and then tap on Done

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