Latest Nokia Asha Called "Light Smartphone"

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Three new Nokia series Asha released on Monday (07/09/2012) yesterday carrying the full-touchscreen interface, where navigation is fully rely on the movement of the user's finger. One of them was Asha 305 is priced at 850 thousand dollars.

Entry-level phone that has the capability of "easy-swap dual sim" is the operating system OS-based Series 40 Asha. The goal, according to Nokia Indonesia president director Martin Chirotarrab, is a segment of "young people who are looking for cell phone users 'best value' but it has interesting physical shape."

Although priced at a low price, continued Martin, along with Asha Asha 305 306 and 311 have similar functionality as a smartphone, so-called "smartphone light", not a feature phone. Of the three models, only 311 have connectivity Asha 3.5 G. Asha 305 and 306 have network connectivity of 2G (EDGE).

Asha 305 has a screen resistive touchscreen measuring 3 inches, camera 2 megapixel, and has a two slot SIM card who located on side of the beside the so that easily accessible. Her sister, Asha 306, does not have two SIM card slots, but equipped with WiFi connectivity.

While Asha 311 is a higher model series with a 1 GHz processor, 3.2 megapixel camera, and 3-inch capacitive touchscreen display covered with Corning Gorilla Glass.

Asha 305 is on sale at Nokia retail stores, while Asha called the 306 and 311 will be available this month.

To help users smoothly Asha to browse the Internet, Nokia operates Nokia Browser 2.1 with proxy technology of data compression and acceleration cloud that is claimed to deliver 3x higher speeds than other mobile browsers.

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