This causes the Galaxy S III Burned

Samsung managed to uncover the causes of burning of the Galaxy S III is happening in Dublin, Ireland, last month. Samsung said it was not liable for damages because the cause is "an external energy source that produces heat."

Dylan Kershaw, owner of the Galaxy S III is on fire, before a story on a website forum that smartphone dock that he put in the car while he was driving. Galaxy S III positions are not charging the battery. Suddenly there was an explosion and fire.

However, the results of the investigation Samsung and Fire Investigations of England did not state so. Galaxy S III was on fire due to user error.

"The only way to produce this kind of damage is to put the smartphone into the microwave," wrote Samsung in its official blog.

After Samsung released the results of the investigation, the owner of the Galaxy S III is finally revoked the revelation that he wrote earlier in the forum mailing list. "Damage to the smartphone that is actually caused by others," he said. Kershaw told that the Galaxy S III was under water and his friend tried to dry in a way put into the microwave.

"The damage occurs because of external heat energy is strong. There is nothing wrong with a smartphone, this is not a deliberate act, but a stupid mistake," wrote Kershaw.

Source : Reuters

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