Sony Vaio T Series Review

sony vaio reviews

Sony Vaio T series, equipped with the most complete connectivity, when compared with competitor products. This feature is most proud of the strategy to promote the Sony Vaio T series


Ultrabook Vaio T series is the champion in the availability of connectivity. On the right side there is a 3.5 mm audio jack port, memory stick slot and SD card, HDMI, VGA output and Ethernet LAN RJ45.

sony vaio t series

Most ultrabook of its competitors did not provide a VGA output port. While Sony, dare to bring a VGA output on its ultrabook. However, due to this, the design of the Vaio T series becomes a little thicker, which is 17.8 mm.

While on the left side there are two USB ports, including USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, as well as the battery charger port.

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Vaio T series is available in two versions, which refers to the difference in screen size and processor specifications. Vaio T11 has a 11-inch screen and an Intel Core i5 equipped with 1.7 GHz speed.

There is also a version of the Vaio T13, has a 13-inch screen and Intel Core i7 processors. Both versions have been using an Intel Core i generation three, code-named Ivy Bridge.

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Air holes located on the left and the bottom ultrabook. The battery can not be opened-pairs. Ultrabook is made of aluminum material which makes it seem solid. But unfortunately, the material adds weight aluminum is also a weight, ie 1.6 kg, for 11-inch version.

Unlike ultrabook generally thinner in the front, the thickness of the front and rear Vaio T series is the same, ie 17.8mm. Overall, the design is less dynamic Vaio T series. Every curve and angle seem stiff.

The buttons on the keyboard are colored black. Distance shallow and soft keys make it comfortable dancing fingers on it. Touch pad on Vaio T series is designed quite extensive. He supports multi-touch so it can do the pinch (pinch) to zoom in and zoom out.

sony laptop
Like the other recent versions of Vaio laptops, the Vaio T series also has three physical buttons that additional shortcut keys Assist, Web and Vaio. These three buttons are located on top of the F.

Screen and performance

Screen Vaio T series in the category of high definition (HD). Despite the relatively high screen resolution 1366 x 768 pixels with support for Intel integrated graphics card HD 4000, but the quality of the screen is less sharp and less clear.

vaio screen

This Ultrabook is still strong running game being a class, such as Mass Effect 3. With the native screen size (1366 x 768 pixels), he was able to play the game Mass Effect 3 smoothly.

To play HD video was no problem, and quite satisfying. Your eyes will not "hurt" when the screen brightness set at the highest level.

One reason for delaying the launch of the Sony Vaio T series, because waiting for the arrival of the third generation of Intel processors, Ivy Bridge. It's the right move, performance Vaio T series feels rushed to open Windows Explorer or a new software, thanks to the Core i processor and 4GB of RAM.

Even though the speed of the data transfer process, because this ultrabook have used data storage medium solid state drive (SSD) capacity of 128GB and a USB 3.0 port support. Theoretically, the data transfer from USB 3.0 ports 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

Sony comes with operating system Windows 7 Home Premium on Vaio T series. Not only that, there is also the default software Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Microsoft Office Starter 2010, Evernote for VAIO, and some supporters of the Vaio software.

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 Battery life

When playing game Mass Effect 3, Vaio T series can last for 2 hours. Meanwhile, if you are used to typing and connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, it can last about 4 to 5 hours.

other Features

Sony accompanying technology Eco + Rapid Wake on Vaio T series Users simply shut ultrabook to make it in sleep position. Once opened, the ultrabook is restored within 2 seconds.


+ Steady performance, uses Intel Core i processors third generation (Ivy Bridge)
+ The most complete connectivity
+ Battery durable
+ Strong running game for the class is
+ Prices are relatively affordable for the size ultabook

- Screen unsatisfactory
- Aluminum material made ​​heavy weight
- Design of rigid, less dynamic

sony vaio t specs

Specifications Sony Vaio T series

- Vaio T11: Intel Core i5 processor (Ivy Bridge) speed of 1.7 GHz.
- Vaio T13: Intel Core i7 (Ivy Bridge) speed of 1.9 GHz
Screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels
Media storage Solid State Drive (SSD) 128GB
Intel integrated graphics card HD 4000
Connectivity 3.5 mm audio jack port, memory stick slot and SD card, HDMI, VGA output and Ethernet LAN RJ45, 1 USB 2.0 ports and 1 USB 3.0, Wi-Fi, bluetooth
Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium
1.3 MP web camera
Dimensions and weights
- Vaio T11: 297.0 x 17.8 x 214.5 mm, weight 1.32 kg
- Vaio T13: 323.0 x 17.8 x 226.0 mm, weight 1.6 kg

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