7 Gadgets That Are Worth To Wait Until The End of 2012

IPhone 5 Rumor form
IPhone 5 Rumor form
The end of 2012 will be the moment for the best product launch gadget manufacturers are using the latest technology.

Ranging from smartphones, tablets, game consoles, to the most advanced computer operating system, will be released in late 2012.

Here is a gadget and software that you should wait to see the end of this year.

1. iPhone 5
iphone 5
IPhone 5
Apple's latest smartphone, which will most likely be named the iPhone 5, ceaselessly buffeted by rumors. The designs mentioned will be more slender and elongated.

Rumors are the most highlighted today is the screen size of the iPhone 5. Apple reportedly will change the screen size to 4 inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio. As is known, since the first generation iPhone was released in 2007, the iPhone has always used a 3.5 inch screen.

Rumors are equally excited about the dock connector. Apple is rumored to be the size of the iPhone 5 dock connector of the previous size of 30 pin, a 19 pin.

iPhone 5 is predicted to slide in Septermber 2012.

 2. iPad Mini

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
 Still from Apple mobile devices. Since 2011, it was rumored that Apple is designing a tablet-sized computer between 7 and 8 inches. The tablet will be named the iPad Mini.

He will be priced at a relatively affordable price in order to compete with smaller tablets that have been circulating in the market. Like the iPhone 5, iPad Mini will also use the 19-pin dock connector.

iPad Mini rumored to glide along with the iPhone 5.

3. Tablet Microsoft Surface

Tablet Microsoft Surface
Tablet Microsoft Surface
 After a long time designing Windows 8 operating system for tablet devices, Microsoft chose to make its own tablet called Surface.

Surface will be released in two versions, namely the use of Intel's X86 architecture processors, and ARM architecture processors. Special device that uses an ARM processor, the operating system is running Windows 8 RT (RunTime).

Surface will be released on 26 October, in conjunction with the release of Windows 8 operating system.

4. Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo Wii U
One of gadgets that should be awaited by the end of this year is the Nintendo Wii game console U. He will continue the successful Nintendo Wii console.

Nintendo Wii U is equipped with a touch screen controller, dubbed the Wii U gamepad. Since the Wii U gamepad has a screen, the controller allows the user to continue playing the game even when the television is turned off.

Game consoles go on sale in December 2012.

5.  Windows 8 Gadget Based

Windows 8 Gadget
Windows 8 Gadget
 Microsoft has finished developing a new computer operating system, Windows 8.

Released on 26 October, the operating system will be released in four main versions, ie Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro for professionals, Windows 8 Enterprise targeting the corporate segment, and RT Windows 8 for tablet devices with ARM architecture processors.

Windows 8 significant changes from the side view, prioritize elements checkered look colorful. The new look will be slightly changed the paradigm users on how to use a computer running Windows 8.

Well, after Windows 8 comes, hopefully will emerge that take advantage of the operating system of the device manufacturers commonly presents Windows-based systems.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung has introduced its latest tablet computer Galaxy Note 10.1. The tablet is sold in Indonesia from September 1 at a price of Rp 6.9 million (for the model internal memory capacity of 16 GB, 3G + Wi-Fi).

Galaxy Note 10.1 suited for professionals, designers, or for those who have a hobby of drawing because it supplied stylus called S Pen.

This tablet has a multi-screen feature that can open two applications simultaneously in one view.

The kitchen was redone reinforced by a quad-core processor speed of 1.4 GHz, 2GB RAM, screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, and running the operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Bersensor rear camera of 5 MP with LED flash and a 1.9 MP front camera.

7. Smartphone quad core

Smartphone quad core
Smartphone quad core

End of the year 2012 is predicted to be the year when the big vendors competing released a smartphone with a quad-core processor. Yes, the brain 4 processor will become the standard for smart phones based on Android.

In the midst of these trends, the vendors are required to make the device with the performance and graphics quality is good. They also have to do research and development on its smartphone battery that can last a long time, but continue to promote environmentally friendly elements.


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