Sony Xperia U Review

After become Sony Mobile Communications, smart phone lineup of Xperia family born in large numbers. One of them is Xperia U that uses the Android operating system.

Xperia U was introduced in February and introduced to the market three months later. been testing smart phone Xperia U this and the following test results we've done.


Sony presents something new from most smart phones. Design owned Xperia U is unique. Below the 3.5-inch screen, there is a glass box in which there is light.

The lamp will light up when you unlock the screen and when you receive a call. There are six colors that will glow when lit the gray, green, turquoise, emerald green, dark blue, gold, ruby red, and pink.

Under the light box is there an additional case that can be replaced and we found a yellow case. Quite striking when worn when the lights lit glass box on top of it. Sony put the charging slot on the top left side.
While the power button on the top right side that can also be used to make screenshots accompanied with volume buttons underneath. One key advantage of the Xperia U is the shutter button to take pictures so you do not have to push on the screen.
Case in white on the back can be opened and so did the battery and Sony seems to not want to apply the concept of the unibody.
The advantages of the application's camera Xperia U is that he has a quick response when shooting. Then the auto focus feature that makes you not have to press the screen to find the focal point.
To adjust the lighting conditions or object, there are eight scene modes that can be used, ie Landscape, Night Portrait, Sports, Document, Night Scene, Beach and Snow, Party, and Portrait.
In addition you can also try to feature a 3D camera. For those features you can can take 3D images with the panoramic frame. The result can be seen in 3D Album applications contained in the application menu.
Then there are drawbacks to the use of indoor lighting or less, the Xperia U will produce images that are filled with Noise. Even the effect will still appear when you use the Night Scene.
It is characteristic that always brings Sony audio quality classy. We've tried it both using the speakers on the device or by using earphones.
Sony added additional technology in audio and 3D Surround xLOUD is capable of issuing a loud but still clear.
Operating Systems and ApplicationsSony have paired some of the applications in the Android Gingerbread operating system. By default, we found a number of applications such as Neo Reader for reading QR codes, Office Suite, Music Unlimited, Wisepilot, Facebook, and TrackID to find songs.


The machine used by the Xperia U is the two-core 1GHz processor, 512 MB RAM then added. We tried to play high definition video and the results are going lag a few times.

For us it looks reasonable because it forces the screen resolution is less supportive, just 480x854 pixels. But no major problems when trying to play games Temple Run and Frontline Commando which has a fairly high system requirements. Similarly, running multiple applications simultaneously.

But after a few minutes, the heat from the engine just feels in the hand. It became one shortcoming of this gadget.

Battery Life

As long as we try to stand-by mode, not used to using any application, the handset is capable of burning more than seven days. Meanwhile, when the normal wear, surf, play music and videos, play games, and make calls, Xperia U can last up to nearly 48 hours.

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