Xperia Go dan Acro S, Water Resistant Smartphone from Sony

Xperia Go and Xperia  Acro S are claimed waterproof and dust. Go and Xperia Acro S can be submerged in water with a depth of up to 1 meter.

Not only that. The camera can also be used to take pictures while diving because it supported the wet finger tracking technology that lets users operate the camera while finger in wet conditions.

Another specification is the Xperia Go 3.5 inch touch screen, 5 megapixel resolution camera, 512MB RAM, and a two-speed 1GHz core processor. Capacity 8GB internal memory and expandable up to 32GB if you use an SD card.

Xperia Acro S has a touch screen measuring 4.3 inches, 12-megapixel resolution camera with features fast capture, 1GB of RAM, and a two-core processor with a speed of 1.5 MHz.

16 GB internal memory and expandable up to 32GB with SD card.

Both are equipped with the operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Availability Acro S and Go on the market starting in the third quarter of this year, but prices are both unknown.

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