Samsung Series 7 Ultra, Beautiful Ultrabook for Work

Samsung Series 7 Ultra


Samsung Series 7 Ultra thin appearance and carries a light weight. It has a thickness of 17.5 mm and weighs 1.46 kg. Her body looks gorgeous with cast aluminum casing with material type.

Samsung logo printed on the back of the screen is made of polished aluminum. Silver color, or referred to Samsung as "Metal" became the main theme of this ultrabook. Logo sticker was white and gray somewhat aligned.


Talk about sticker, to the left of the touchpad, there is a sticker that read "Premium Ultrabook, Inspired by Intel". According to the statement of the Samsung, only a few products that received the title "Premium" by Intel, of course, one of which is the Samsung Series 7 Ultra.


Samsung puts all input / output ports on the right side and left ultrabook.

Left Side
 - 2x USB 2.0
- Card Reader
- Kensington Lock

Right Side
 - 1x USB 3.0
- 1x HDMI
- 1x VGA (adapter)
- Headphone-out jack (3,5mm)
- Adaptor

Uniquely, still on the right, there are RJ-45 connector for wired LAN. Usually, because it comes with a thin body, the vendor provides a separate ethernet dongle.

samsung ultrabook Port ethernet
Port ethernet
The keyboard on the Samsung Series 7 Ultra uses chiclet design with matching buttons with the casing, making this device more beautiful when it is opened. Series of buttons is quite wide, prevent users from typing errors.

samsung ultrabook keyboard
samsung ultrabook touchpad
Touchpad is used to measure relatively large sized portable computer, which is 10.7 x 7.7 cm wide. Has a width size, makes the user comfortable to move the mouse pointer. However, this measure also raises the negative side, the touchpad so often touched accidentally.

The entire surface of the touchpad is sensitive to pressure. Unfortunately, there is no separation between the left and right click buttons. Users have little to guess between the two keys. Same with a new ultrabook and a portable computer on the market, the touchpad supports multi-gesture input.

backlighting keyboard
backlighting keyboard
 The Samsung has repeatedly called this product as a premium device. This is evidenced by features backlighting on the keyboard. Premium products usually use these features, in addition to facilitate the user when typing in low light conditions, as well as to enhance its products.

For sound system problems, Samsung handed it to JBL. The sound it produces is quite boomed.

samsung ultrabook speaker
samsung ultrabook speaker
Usage TestSamsung Series 7 Ultra is equipped with a dual - core Intel Core i5 - 3337U -speed 1.8 GHz , 4GB of DDR3 RAM combined .

This combination is more than enough to handle a wide range of usage scenarios , ranging from just running word processing , surfing the internet , to photo editing .

Run any multimedia file is not a difficult thing for this device . Full - HD movies ( 1080p ) can be played smoothly , without any lag .

The screen resolution is very supportive playback Full HD movies . Resolution reaches 1920 x 1080 pixels with 16:9 ratio .

The display quality of the Samsung Series 7 Ultra looks good . Display looks bright and sunny . After further investigation , it is known that the type used is the IPS screen with 350 nit brightness level .

Ultrabook is not equipped with hard disk storage media . It was equipped with a SSD with a capacity of up to 256GB . It's capacity is not too large , but this component can help speed up the waiting time for loading applications . The section also makes boot up time is very fast . To get into the operating system , the system only takes 2 seconds only. If users want more capacity , it is recommended to use an external hard disk .

Samsung Series 7 Ultra 's keyboard keys are quite soft and give positive feedback that feels comfortable for typing . Unfortunately , as mentioned previously , the touchpad is large and feels a bit disturbing .

Processor Intel Core i5 - 3337U is equipped with Intel HD 4000 graphics . The GPU is already quite strong , but Samsung still complete this ultrabook with discrete graphics in the form of the AMD Radeon 8570M .

The graphics card itself is not the type of graphics processors aimed to berain heavyweight game . Users can still use the ultrabook to play game titles that are not too heavy . Users have to do some setting changes , such as lowering the resolution and graphics detail , if you want comfortable playing .

ConclusionWith hardware specifications and its slim body , the Samsung Series 7 Ultra can be used as a weapon for users who like to work in mobile .The device can be said to be able to accommodate all the needs of casual users , ranging from playing games to finish the job .The device is also equipped with a range of essential ports . One is RJ - 45 . Given these ports , users can connect to the internet with an ethernet cable .We perceived flaws located on the touchpad are a bit too wide so often touched accidentally .Beyond that , this ultrabook is very reliable to accompany your tasks , browsing , and also enjoy Full HD movies .


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