Sony Xperia Z1 Review

Sony Xperia Z1

At the beginning of 2013, Sony staked name in the magnitude of the industry battlefield Android phone Xperia product through Z. Do not stop here, the Sony launches Xperia Z larger size Xperia Z1 and towards the end of the year, Sony released the successor to the Z series, the Xperia Z1.

By smart, consumers would actually quite difficult to distinguish Xperia Xperia Z1 and Z. In fact, there are some significant differences in these devices.

In addition, the terms of any feature, Sony added some more cool new things. One example, 20.7 megapixel camera, which is guaranteed to make users can take photos and video better than its predecessor series.


As mentioned earlier, the Xperia Xperia Z1 and Z seem to have the same body design. The proof, when KompasTekno hold this product for several weeks, many thought that the product was the Xperia Z.

In fact, there are some differences between them. The first difference seen in the framework or "bones" of the body. Xperia Z1 uses the framework of the material of aluminum, making the look more robust than its predecessor. Meanwhile, the Xperia Z uses a plastic material that covered the glass, the same as the back.

xperia z1
In addition, Sony has not cover the 3.5 mm port, leave it open. Interestingly, although open, when KompasTekno menyelupkannya into the water, Xperia Z1 can still function properly. However, other parts such as the microSIM and a microUSB port is sealed to protect against water and dust.

For your information, Sony shut every port that is in the Xperia Z, including the 3.4 mm audio port, with the purpose of protecting that part of the water.

Another difference between the Xperia Xperia Z1 Z visible in the corners . Xperia Z1 looks more rounded than his brother .Beyond these differences , the Xperia Xperia Z and Z1 have the same body bongsor . Holding with two hands and navigate with two thumbs is a great way mengkesplorasi Xperia Z1 .Xperia Z1 rear panel is made of unbreakable glass and anti-scratch material that makes it look elegant . Unfortunately , the glass material seemed not as strong as in the Xperia Z. For a few weeks of use, arising out several small abrasions or scratches on certain parts of the rear panel .Untungya , Sony already protect this part with a thin sheet of scratch . However , it is not advisable to repeal the anti-scratch and replace it with another because, according to experience , the Sony logo on the back can also participate uprooted.One of the other drawbacks , the glass material is easily leave finger marks , especially when in a state of sweaty fingers .

Same with his elder brother, the Xperia Z1 designed to withstand water and dust. He bears the IP58 certificate, an international durability standards. You can take this phone submersible in 1 meter for 30 minutes.

However, you will not be able to operate this phone under water. Although light up, the screen will not react at all to the touch. Of course, you can not receive calls underwater. After all, who would receive a phone call while under water?

If you want to take photos under water, please use the shutter button on the lower right side.

One disadvantage of this device is located at the microSIM port. To put the SIM card into the device, Sony provides a sort of "home" or a tray for SIM card. Well, where to put this card turned out very thin, which means it's very easy to break. However, very rarely someone to replace the SIM card, so that problems like this can be ignored.

xperiaz1 microsim


Xperia Z1 uses the same landscape display with Z1 , which is 5 inches . The resolution supports Full HD 1080 p adalan densities in 441 pixels per inch .Type screen panels Triluminos Xperia Z1 is supported by the X - Reality technology for Mobile . Perhaps , the name Triluminos already not so foreign in your ear . Yes , the screen is used for multiple series of Sony flat screen TV . The panel is also used in the Xperia Z Ultra .X - Reality technology itself is used to sharpen the image in a photo or video .With the combination of the two, Sony claims that the display panel is able to produce more colors . It tersebukti , the screen of the device is capable of producing images with extremely rich colors .Based on experience , the Xperia Z1 screen gives less good experience when viewed from different angles . Colors and brightness look good when your eyes look straight parallel to the screen . Well , if your eyes are shifted slightly up - down or left - right , the color quality and brightness will decrease .Subjectively , screen Xperia Z1 can be said is slightly better than the Xperia Z. High contrast , black color displays with highly concentrated . Brilliant colors even without experiencing oversaturation as it occurs in several types of AMOLED screens .The display is very convenient when used for playing games or watching videos . 


Xperia Z1 runs on the Android operating system 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Display of the operating system enhanced with Sony's unique user interface. By default, there are five homescreen that contains applications from Sony. Users can set their own arrangement of course these applications on this screen.

If users hold a finger on the Home screen section, it will display several options that allow users to add widgets, application icons, change the wallpaper, and also change their theme.

Display the application's main menu can be organized through a number of options that can be accessed by sliding the screen to the left so that raises additional sidebar. Deleting applications can also be done from here.

As another phone with Android OS 4.2 and above, lockscreen on Xperia Z Ultra also provides direct access to the camera app and be imbued with some kind of widget. The options are quite varied, including e-mail, calendar, and Google Now.

The only shortcoming of the software is not much changed appearance of Xperia Z.


Xperia Z1 Performance feels rushed and there was no lag , because it is supported by quad - core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8974 Snapdragon 2.2 GHz speed 800 and 2 GB of RAM . Two components is what plays a major role ensuring the smooth navigation . Similarly, when the execution of the application is done . To simply open the lid or switch applications very quickly .KompasTekno performer Xperia Z1 test with Antutu performance testing application . As a result, the device is able to reach 34,180 , on top of HTC and Samsung Galaxy S4 .Still the same as the Xperia Z Ultra , when running heavy applications , such as games with complex graphics , Xperia Z1 feels a bit hot .One of the advantages of this product are on the side of the battery . This device uses a battery similar to the Xperia Z , which is 3,000 mAh . The battery can make it last a full day without being connected to the charger .To extend battery life , the Sony also provides a mode called " Stamina Mode " , in which the device will turn off the data connection from the mobile network and WiFi when the phone is in Sleep state . Even so , users can still receive calls and SMS , as well as listen to music .Users can still set any application can still access the mobile network and WiFi when the mode is turned on . For example , KompasTekno allow WhatsApp application to stay connected to cellular networks . In this way , every incoming message would immediately , without having to wait for the phone " woken up " from Sleep state .According KompasTekno experience when using this mode , the Xperia Z1 can walk about two days without being connected to the charger .Want to be more efficient ? There is an option " Low Battery Mode " that will reduce power consumption even further by turning off some non - vital functions .CameraSony to update all-out camera in this new mobile phone series . Sony pinning RS 1/2.3 inch Exmor sensor , one of the largest in the range of camera phones . Resolution of 20.7 megapixels , is equipped with Sony's lens , f/2.0 G Lens and BIONZ image processing chip .By default , the camera will be set at a resolution of 8 megapixel images . You can turn it into a 20.7 megapixel camera on the manual setting mode . 

Broadly speaking , the Xperia Z1 camera can produce excellent images . However , post-process this camera feels a bit redundant . The level of contrast and detail looks set too high by Sony .If observed carefully , at the edge or end of each object image will look slightly artifacts . Sony's noise reduction algorithm that generates a few blocks of color and sharpening process that ultimately makes the edges of objects look like it . However , it is not a problem that is very meaningful because the resulting image is still very good .Interestingly , the mobile phone of Sony Xperia Z1 can take pictures with well in low-light conditions .Talking about software , Sony presents a variety of interesting things . One of them is AR Effect . Through this feature , you can add some animation -based augmented reality into the picture . There are some interesting animation options , such as dinosaurs , forest fairies , and the atmosphere in the water .There is also a feature called as Timeshift . Using this feature , you can take 30 pictures before the shutter button is pressed and pressed after 30 photos .There is another feature called Social Live , which allows you to stream videos taken up through this device directly to your Facebook account with a duration of up to 10 minutes .


Sony Xperia Z1 can be said to " twin brother " of Xperia Z , but with some additions . With a screen size of 5 inches , it is very convenient to use for entertainment activities , such as watching videos and playing games . Surfing in cyberspace and read documents with the job can be done comfortably in these devices . However, for one-handed operation a little difficult to do because of his bongsor .3.000mAh sized batteries that can sustain the life of this phone for a full day . If you want longer, you can turn on Stamina mode which can make it live for about 2 days .In performance , this device feels very rushed . Play games , watch 1080p videos , browsing the Internet , and open or move the application feels very smooth , without any lag . Naturally, as Xperia Z1 is one device that is equipped with the best hardware at this time .The camera itself is quite capable. With a 20.7 megapixel image sensor , the device is capable of taking pictures with excellent outdoors and in low-light conditions .

  • Specifications Xperia Z1 :
  • - Screen size : 5 inches ( 1920x1080 ) , the pixel density of 441ppi .
  • - Screen type : LCD TFT , with technology Triluminos
  • - Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 , quad - core 2.2 GHz . Adreno 330 GPU
  • - RAM : 2GB
  • - Internal Storage : 16GB
  • - Expansion storage : micro - SD up to 64GB
  • - Physical dimensions : 144 x 74 x 8.5 mm
  • - Weight : 170 grams
  • - Connectivity : GSM , HSDPA , Wi - Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac , DLNA , LTE , Bluetooth 4.0 , NFC , micro - USB .
  • - Camera : 20.7 megapixel camera , 2 -megapixel ( front )
  • - Battery capacity : 3000 mAh
  • - Choice of colors : black   

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