A Woman Killed Because USB Cable

Accidents caused by carelessness in the use of electronic devices become more frequent. This time, the victim was an Australian woman who died of electric shock when connecting the USB charger.

Reported by The Register on Friday (27/06/2014), the woman who became the victim was found dead in his room with suspicion because of the use of the USB charger cable that does not meet the standards.

The Australian government has actually set a safety standard certification label them with a charger. While tools and accessories that do not have certification usually sold cheaply in Australia.

Fair Trading Agency (the agency that regulates trade in Australia) has also issued calls for Australians to use charger, power adapter, and a power socket that meets the standards.

The appeal comes after the case of the discovery of a young woman who was killed while wearing headphones and hugging her laptop, with burns on his ears and chest, in April 2014.

Besides advised to use a power tool that has a certification standard, the Australian government also urged not to use electronic device when its being charged.

"For safety reasons, consumers are asked to not use their devices when connected to recharge the batteries," said Rod Stowe, an official at the Fair Trading Commission in New South Wales, Australia.

Accessories cheap electricity is much in demand, because it is more affordable. But in choosing the accessories, we should also think about the safety factor.

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