Old Costumer Disappointed with The New Google Glass


Google updates glass experience. The latest version of smart sunglasses devices that are still in the beta stage alias was not yet fully developed now equipped with 2GB of RAM.

However, as reported by PCWorld, the existence of a new version of the Glass fishing disappointment of the initial purchasers in the Glass Explorer program that already bought the early version with a capacity of only 1GB of RAM.

The buyers were pouring their disappointment in the announcement page upgraded Glass published by Google. Some demanded that his device is exchanged with the new version, the other is willing to pay for an upgrade.

Google itself has no plans to offer an upgrade option for the owners of Glass.

"During the beta program, we will make changes here and there. We are not going to exchange the device, but the software will continue to be an increase, "wrote a Google representative responded to the complaints of the owners of Glass older version.

Although still not a final device, Glass is expensive sold by Google. The device is priced at 1,500 U.S. dollars.

Upgrading the RAM to 2GB Google do to improve the performance of Glass in running applications.

In addition to increasing the capacity of RAM, Google also adds a new feature called Viewfinder mode that will show the boundary frame when taking photos. There are also two new cards to Google Now, to remind users where the vehicle was parked and another related matter of the delivery of goods.

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