Research Reveals Hoaxes in Instagram

Instagram is often used as a place to showcase the work of its photo. To state the photo was not prepared or given filter, often accompanied by the hashtag # photo NoFilter. But apparently, not all honest with the hashtag.

Recent research conducted by social media marketing company, Spreadfast indicate that there are at least 11 percent of users on Instagram hashtag # NoFilter, which actually gives the filter in the picture.

Spreadfast doing research with interesting information on the API of an Instagram photo. The information contained in the API includes data filters are used.

According to Mashable (30/06/2014), Spreadfest have examined 100 thousand photos on Instagram with the hashtag # NoFilter, and it turns out 11 percent of them use photo filters.

This type of filter is most often used in photo # NoFilter is Amaro. This filter works with lighten the center of the photo. As many as 15 percent of the photos # fake NoFilter using this filter.

Another popular filters are often used in photo # NoFilter Valencia false is 12 percent, and the X-Pro II as much as 10 percent.

Besides Spreadfest, a blog by the name Filter Fakers also trying to uncover lies # NoFilter photographs on Instagram. The blog displaying photographs recognized without the filter, but actually using the filter.

In a blog it also provided the "Fake Catcher," where visitors can upload URL Instagram to tell if the photo using a filter or not.

Source: Mashable

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