Sony Xperia Z Ultra First View

Xperia Z Ultra
Xperia Z Ultra                                                                                                                              Sony Mobile Communications

Xperia Z Ultra has a large landscape display, measuring 6.4 inches. For a mobile phone, this size is clearly too large. As for the tablet, the size of the Xperia Z Ultra somewhat responsible because usually the tablet comes with a 7 inch size.

Xperia Z Ultra can be defined as a combination tablet and mobile devices. Sony claims Xperia Z Ultra has its own market segment and there is a demand from the market for this kind of product.

The screen size is quite comfortable to use for watching videos, reading e-books, playing games, and surfing the internet. Your eyes will be spoiled when she saw a brilliant display with support Triluminos technology.

8MP main camera on the back. The back panel is made of Ultra Xperia Z materials scratch and unbreakable glass, which makes it look elegant and luxurious. This material is also used on the Xperia Z.

For users who are familiar with the fingers and palms are sweaty, probably will feel slippery when holding the phone.

There is a silver-colored power button on the right side of the phone. This button is called Sony as Omni Balance. Still on the right side, there are volume control buttons, audio jack port, SIM card slot and MicroSD (up to 64GB).

On the left side of the phone, only to MicroUSB port which also serves to charge the battery. There are only two options for the Xperia Z Ultra colors, namely black and white.

Xperia Z Ultra is the thinnest phone ever made ​​by Sony, the thickness of only 6.5 mm. If you hold it with one hand, your thumb will not be able to reach the entire screen. It would be more convenient if it holds Xperia Z Ultra with two hands and navigate with two thumbs.

Xperia Z Ultra IP55 and IP58 certificate bears, an international durability standards. The phone is designed to withstand water and dust. You can take him to dive at a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Sony equips four-core processor (quad-core) Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.2 GHz speed 800 on the Xperia Z Ultra. The operating system used is Android version 4.2 (Jelly Bean). While endurance capacity battery life supported by 3.000mAh.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra also equip with the stylus to draw on the screen. Not only a stylus, screen phone is also able to detect nicks pencil or pen to draw activity. However, the pen that used to be made of metal with a diameter of more than 1mm.


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