Apple Again Failed to Block Samsung`s Gadget

samsung and apple

Apple again failed to ask the court in San Jose, California, United States to ban the sale of Samsung's products, though Apple has reduced its demands related patent.

US District Court Judge in San Jose, Califronia, Lucy Koh, reported by Bloomberg, on Wednesday (27/08/2014) has rejected Apple's claim that despite the ban that Apple has loosened.

The ban on Samsung smartphone is actually addressed the old model that was discovered after a jury in May 2014 and decided that the two companies were committing acts of patent infringement.

Judge Lucy Koh has twice rejected Apple's request to ban sales of Samsung products in the United States. Tahn previous cases occurred in 2011 then. Apple then appealed again on July 28.

Apple demands more softened again by targeting a specific feature in the nine devices Samsungh considered copyright infringement.

Apple offers what is called the "sunset period" to provide an opportunity for Samsung to redesign those features before Apple cast a tuntuttan again.

Currently, the two companies have agreed to cancel all disputes brands.

source : Bloomberg 

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