Top 6 Tips to Boost Your Android Performance


An android phone which has too many applications or widgets, will indirectly decrease the performance of our android phone. Widgets or applications often make our android phone "slow", such as long loading when opening an application or typing messages into a little choked up. Is this happening on your android phone? If yes, it means your android phone needs some tips below.

1. Closing Application That Runs in the Background

What is meant by applications running in the background when you are finished using an application, the application does not completely stop running. It is a common occurrence and cause your android phone's performance is slower. How to view and close the applications running in the background is by pressing the back button or a more convincing way is to install Task Killer that you can download, Killer Bag is a useful medium to turn off an application that is running but not visible.  

2. Disable AutoUpdate

Updates are important to each of your applications, but if your application android phone too much then we will too often to update. This update can happen any moment at any time and without we know, often it makes us slow down android phone's performance. For that turn off the Auto update feature on your android phone settings.

 3. Memory Allocation

Do not miss that large files such as photos, videos or music to be allocated in external memory in android phone is the memory card. This allocation is not only applicable for media files, but also in large applications such as games or photo editing applications. Because android phone's performance will slow down when the internal memory is almost full.

4. Remove Unnecessary Item

Do not stack or the application of too much media files on your android phone memory is full because it certainly will make your Android phone's performance becomes heavy. So if you people love to be photographed rutinlah move your photos every month, you can move it to your home computer or laptop. This also applies to the application, if it feels an application or widget is no longer commonly used better removed, yet at times when you need to, you can download the application again.

 5. Autobrightness & autorotate

The beauty and sophistication of the user interface android phone will look when we rotate an android phone, the screen will also be rotated but this android phone can make us a little bit slow, it is better to shut down just when you need it simply turn it back on. Autobrightness features will help you save battery android phone, because the screen will adjust the brightness of the color screen mobile phones. But for the android phone with specs that are not too high better this feature is turned off, because the android phone will need a process to adjust the brightness of the light surrounding the screen brightness hp. This makes performance slightly slower android.

6. Root and Overclock the CPU Hp Android

CPU is the most important thing if you want to increase the speed of your Android. We can not replace the old CPU with the new CPU like a computer or laptop. The only trick is setting the CPU overclock from your Android phone. But the risk is if you download and overclok root, you will lose warranty of your android phone.