Portable Gps Navigation: Use in All of Your Vehicles

Whatever kind of vehicle you have, a portable GPS navigation system is a cheap way to enhance it. These devices have the latest in technology that will help you find your way without getting lost. And since there are improvements made all the time, a portable GPS navigation system is a lot less expensive than paying for one that comes with the auto upon purchase.

A portable GPS navigation system provides lots of options, besides giving directions. You can use all sorts of items, such as an iPod, cell phone and TV applications. Buying these items as add-ons is really the way to go. These systems provide more than just directions, though. Many of them attach to your windshield and run from the vehicle's battery. A big bonus of these systems is that they can go just about anywhere- just plug them in to the outlet in your car and go!

The Garmin portable GPS systems even use rechargeable batteries, so they are portable and you do not have to worry about finding an outlet to use them. They are rechargeable; some models can go for eight hours without having to be recharged. The screens are easy to see and read, but they aren't huge, so they can fit into your travel bag or tote. Others offer other features, such as an iPod player and other audio features.

One more type of GPS is referred as in-dash. It usually has a touch screen, allowing you manual entry of your destination information. Such a device can be installed in place of the radio that came with the car so that it is controlling the whole sound system.

With options like Bluetooth, iPod integration, satellite radio, and TV tuners, as well as systems that are designed to fit both standard, and large radios, you can build a system for any vehicle with all the options at a fraction of the cost of dealership installation.

You will have the best chance of finding your destination if you put in as many points of interest as you possibly can. The units come preloaded with maps but you can update the information by downloading more current maps onto a hard drive with a DVD or SD Card. Whichever way you choose the maps are loaded once the DVD or Card is inserted into the unit. As the area that you travel changes these new maps can be purchased to reflect the growth and modifications in any given area.

The newer portable GPS units offer convenience, affordability and more advanced functions than earlier models. They may include such features as internal, rechargeable batteries, pre-loaded North America map databases and real time traffic reporting.

There are portable navigation systems priced to fit every budget. Furthermore, the cost is worth the service and entertainment these systems provide. You will never again find yourself lost in a strange city searching for someone to provide you with clear, accurate directions.

By Brad Seabourne

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